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Our proprietary auditing methodology scrutinizes every line of every bill with a focus on provider overcharges and accurate insurance reimbursements. We help you analyze your service agreements to make sure you are protected and ensure you do not overpay.

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How often does your TPA get you refunds from providers and/or credits from benefit overpayments? Due to the complexity of medical billing guidelines, it would be impossible for TPAs to scrutinize every claim your company receives. MRS analyzes your claims payout in areas your TPA couldn’t possibly have the time, staff, and/or program edits to accomplish, and typically finds overcharges–and overpayments–of six and seven figures for a single plan year.


Our in-depth audit methodology not only ensures that facility billings conform to the medical record by our Medical Record Audit, but also identifies fraudulent and abusive billing practices by our Compliance Audit and prices that are in excess of what is fair and reasonable by our Fair & Reasonable Price Analysis. We can then translate our findings into testimony that can help your case.


If you’re having trouble collecting money from insurance companies for your patients’ healthcare, you need the services of a provider insurance specialist. We can help you get the money you’re owed-while protecting your relationship with your patients.


MRS’s expert consumer advocates are here to help you cut your medical costs. We will sort through and analyze your mounds of paperwork to ensure that the medical charges and insurance reimbursements are correct. We will recover money that is rightfully yours and ensure that you are not overcharged! MRS provides the best help with medical bills.

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About Pat Palmer, Founder of MRS

patPat Palmer is nationally recognized as a leading expert in healthcare billings and insurance reimbursements, and as a highly regarded healthcare cost containment consultant, lecturer, author and patient advocate with over 20 years of experience in auditing medical bills. She is often quoted in national media.

Pat also founded Medical Billing Advocates of America, Inc. (MBAA), a national association of professionals, trained by Pat, who review patient’s medical bills for errors and underpayments by insurance companies. MBAA is an educational and training service for the medical billing advocacy field.

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Common Billing Overcharges

Each overcharge displays what the hospital billed you for in their terms, followed by the real charge.


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